Kfir Judaica - Mezuzah Case is a
Bina Industrial Design Ltd. Brand. 
Designed by Designers Refael and Claudiane Koby. 
Designing and creating in Kochav Yair, Israel.
They are both graduates of the Bezalel Academy of  Art in Jerusalem.
The Mezuzah Cases combine Innovative Industrial design and
Conceptual colorful Graphic design Creating a high end and Modern Line of design
adding a new perception in the Art of Judaica. 
Kfir Judaica Mezuzahs were designed in loving memory of our son Kfir.
Kfir passed away at the age of 11 He was a special child that brought love and happiness
to our family. Kfir had severe CP (cerebral palsy) and fought with courage and optimism for the right to live,
from the day he was born until his last moments.  
Kfir was a teacher to us and taught us that no matter what the limits of the body
may be, the heart is never limited. 
Kfir was proud of himself. His calmness and mental integrity gave us strength and power. 
Kfir could not speak but made a lot of friends. He deeply touched the souls of all who had 
the opportunity to gaze into his big eyes.  
"The spirit of the design and the joyful colors reminds us of our Kfiri " . 

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